Thursday, July 26, 2012

Protect online accounts

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I am against the practice of changing password regularly for non-critical online accounts. As each consumer has to maintain many accounts, it is impractical to keep changing these accounts at regular intervals.

It is better to pass a law to make it clear that anyone who hacks into another person's account is considered as committing theft. I shall write more about this concept later.

Here are my views.

We lock our house, but do not change the lock every three months. Anyone who comes into the house without any valid reason is considered to be trespassing, and can be suspected to have an intent to steal and can be reported to the police.

We should adopt the same approach to a person who signs into another person's account without permission. It is similar to entering the house with an intent to steal.


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freemanland said...

It is common that IT engineers/managers/consultants are blindly following advice from so called "security expert".

When people are required to change password every 3 or 6 months, it increases the tendency that they will write it somewhere, instead of remembering it. Thus making it more insecure.

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