Sunday, July 22, 2012

Duration of National Service

Is our National Service too long? Here are the duration in other countries.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore it is entirely up to the PAP govt to decide how long or how short National Service should be in the best interest of the nation.

Just like they have decided that Singapore should have many foreigners because this is in the best interest of the nation.

I repeat, best interest of the nation, not best interest of individuals, especially the male ones.

But ultimately it is the individuals who voted PAP and who collectively formed 60% of total voters in last election, that decide PAP should be govt.

yujuan said...

Ya, far too long, 12 to 15 months are more sufficient to train a young man to 'defend' Singapore, without compromising his career. This shorter stint may sooth his frayed nerves having to make sacrifice to defend both nation and the large cohort of foreign and PR residents.
A long tenor breeds inefficiency, leading to recruits serving as cheap labour to non military works, and also laziness languishing time napping in camp to wait for release.
The existence of SAF is just to buy some time to deter "invaders",before SOS help arrive from "friendly" foreign Agencies, fat hope our SAF would be able to "defend" Singapore. Just a paper tiger fighting imagery enemies, only able to fight a war on paper only.
So, yes, NS should be shortened considerably. Why waste our young men's time unnecessary. The American Navy Base at Kranji is more than sufficient to "defend" our tiny country.

yujuan said...

Imagine this scenario, Vietnam and the Spratly Islands and China. If China shows more aggression, Vietnam just has to collaborate with US Navy to park a few US warships off the Coast of Vietnam, this would stop China in its aggression tracts.
Ditto with the US Navy on our shores.
So stop wasting our young men's time.

Anonymous said...

Length of National Service is a reflection of the efficiency of the government in organizing its defense organization.
The more efficient the government, the shorter the duration.

Bottom line.
National Service is another free hand out from citizen to government.
Citizens subsidizing the government.

Hope the government does not develop a welfare mentality.

Anonymous said...

I have one grandson. I will help him to study aboard and migrate if needed.

Anonymous said...

I am landless. My HDB lease will be expired. The future generation of my family will be landless.

What will NSmen protect if landless? Who will they protect to serve NS? Why must 'landless' to die for the superrich?

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