Sunday, August 12, 2012

Contribute your views

Former Primer Minister Goh Chok Tong urge Singaporeans to contribute their views:


michael13 said...

I would like to contribute my view of urging the experienced politician like Mr Goh Chok Tong to take an important role of reforming the ruling PAP urgently. Otherwise, I won't be too surprised that his successor, PM Lee Hsien Loong could possibly become an opposite party leader in the next GE 2015/2016. Singapore's future depends on someone who can act decisively and fairly. And certainly, NOT for someone who is only good to outsmart and confuse the population by becoming "messy" selectively.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Mr Goh and his PAP colleagues only need to "re-search" this Blog and a few others like Lucky Tan/Tattler and TOC & TREMERITIUS.

Almost all issues with recommendations are there for their study.

Need not waste more time calling for committee and reports, if the ruling party is serious.
Am sure many of the contributors are willing to be invited for a working tea session or two.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, Lye.

Unfortunately, they only want views that they agree with, and look askance at those views that criticise. So, for them the best feedback probably is still the CCs, NTUC and maybe from new citizens.

And, must we join a political party to take part in political debates as he insisted many years ago?

Anonymous said...

Also visit to give your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Why not look at the "Remaking Singapore Committee Report(Feb 2002 by Vivian Balakrishnan).

Guys (MIWs).
This is a very small country.
Just how complicated and complex are the issues facing us?
Please! Enough wayang already.
GE 2011 is over.
Please. Time to work.

How difficult was it to run an efficient train system on a small island?
One of the smallest cities in the world.

Anonymous said...

To justify their sky high salaries they probably resorted to making issues more complicated than they really are deliberately.

If they go wrong, they just make a u-turn like the procreation policy and blame it on circumstance. But with disastrous consequences.

How much more difficult is the job of our PM compared to Wen Jiabao or Obama? Not based on the PAP's argument, but objectively looking at the real situation that all of them face.

Anonymous said...

What view does he wants?

a) Car very expensive.
ans: Small country, space constrains so no choice.

b) To many foreigners.
ans: low birthrate so need foreigners to get economy going.

c) Cheap Foreigners and Singaporeans PMET out of work.
ans: Go for retraining. Change job like security guide, clean tables. Too bad, your last job has no market value.

d) House expensive
ans: Market forces. No choice

e) Slow economy growth.
ans: external factor so we have no choice.

f) High inflation.
ans: external factors, so we have no choice.

g) Utlities keep going up.
ans: oil price problem, so we have no choice.

h) low birthrate.
ans: Singaporean fault. Married too late. Also other countries also like that. Let it be.

i) Why so many committee?
Ans: Ministers pay cut so must work smart. Listen to feedback and ask backroom work on it. If cannot work, their Singaporeans it was their ideas and did not work. Then start another committee to look problem. FAS is a good example. Many years with no result. So use other country ideas by paying for medals....

Anonymous said...

Ask Goh CT why he didn't help the victims of Lehman Brothers? Why did he add salt to injury by questioning the victims for not openning their eyes big big?
He knew the finanical industry was not doing the right thing why didn't he make reforms and instead of letting the wrongs continue to be done on consumers during his tenor as Chairman of MAS..
When he asked the agents and the CEO present during ntuc income anniversary dinner to stop robbing the consumers by doing the right thing to stop the under insurance, did he follow up whether the management follow his advice? Didn't he know that the management ignore or no hew his advice and so the indsutry? If not why an agent from ntuc was found to have not measured up to standard during mystery shopping survey.The truth is all of them don't measure up.
There are many questions need to be answered by him.
So, is setting up a committee just another wayang to pull the wool over our eyes?

Anonymous said...

"...One of the smallest cities in the world..."

Singapore is not small.
If you need a car/vehicle to travel east to west approx 50 km its not small.

Batam is not small
Bali is not small

Manhattan Island is small.

We have been conditioned to believe the concept that "we are small".This was used in our international relations to gain some discounts in trade and free stuff.

We are not small and do not let the politics fool you.

Anonymous said...

Contribute views? In the past, views were given. Before election, views were given. After election, views were given. In TKL Blog, views were also given. There are many sources for views but there are some that has been there again and again. e.g. Crazy Education, Expensive living expenses, expensive cars, expensive house, crowded public transport, Vanishing Taxis, High Ministers' Salary, MPs and Ministers continue to perform NATO.

So this time will be the most recent official contribution from the public. It will end up roughly the same. Hopefully this time, Govt priortize and list down plans and roadmap. If they cannot justify what they accomplish after GE11, my vote will continue to go elsewhere as NATO is not worthy of my vote however insignificant is my vote.

Anonymous said...

The PAP, in reality, is now unable to garner sensible and critical views because of their own doing.

In the past, good critical views and suggestions from opposition politicians and public were treated as noise and hubris.

The opposition voices in Parliament were always beaten down the moment they opened their mouths. The public were accused of whinning and intimidated whenever they raise objections.

Why would they want to contribute their views now, after being treated like dirt in the past. Moreover, I would take such calls with a pinch of salt. Will they really listen or just for show to placate the rumblings? Or just say that our views are taken into consideration while still going ahead with what they intended to do? Very likely so.

Anonymous said...

Contribute views for what? Always asking for views but when come to action, none is given. Not even answering a petition from the victims of Minibond and Pinnacle. Worst, being a Chairman of MAS, did not help and together with the govt, blamed the victims for signing on the dotted lines with their eyes open. Hong Kong regulators and Hong Leong Finance has proved to us how wrong the Govt were. Maybe is resource allocation problem. Getting backroom to convince the public of the need to pay high salary to Ministers in the last 18 years and short of resources to focus on high cost of living, mad education system and ignoring victims of structure products...

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