Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strengthen your heartware

Prime Minster Lee asked Singaporeans to strengthen their heartware


Anonymous said...

In the hearts of 60% voters, one heartware is very strengthened. In fact strengthened for 47 years!

That is vote PAP at every election.

I have no doubt that it will continue to be strengthened in 2016.

Once this heartware remain strengthened, other kinds of heartware strengthen or not is secondary.

Anonymous said...

To strengthen Singapore's heartware, we must have a 2nd heartware.

Capable of taking over when the first heartware becomes deaf, dumb, out-of-touch or too high falutin.

Only one Singapore sacred cow needs to be slaughtered.
"That only one type of heartware is capable of running Singapore".

yujuan said...

Heartware as mutual respect, care and compassion, meritocracy and integrity.
Mutual respect, when foreign residents are allowed to strut arrogantly on local stage, stepping on the dignity of Singaporeans.
Care and compassion for the poor, sure, as long as the money dun come from the Govt coffers.
Meritocracy, but it leads to big headed scholars, who think they could get away with anything.
Integrity, when they even planted moles in opposition camps to extract information as ammunition to engage in character assassination.
When you dun do what you preach, it is falling on deaf frogs.
A leader fails if he is unable to unite the people, and instead polarize it into 2 camps, tearing up the Nation's "social fabric", giving a big headache for the next leader to clear up mess.

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