Thursday, August 16, 2012

Singapore ranking in survey of healthy nations

Singapore rank top in the survey of the world's most healthy countries

Congratulations to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, National Parks Board and other agencies. Well done!


michael13 said...

At our own high costs!

Snowy Beagle said...

I wish Singaporeans will learn not to take rankings at face value, especially those not conducted by actual authorities on the subject but by the commercial media or private interests.

We should not be quick to use such rankings to claim any honours nor should we feel upset if not ranked high.

We should also learn not to let others set themselves up to be our judges but be capable of making our own judgments.

Tan Kin Lian said...

In spite of the reservations of Snowy Beagle, I find this ranking to be useful and reasonably reliable.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore with the cost of hospitalisation, it's better to die than prolonging yr sickness.
Huh 1st indeed .... we have the highest rate of 'sakit hati' (heart pain) because we cant withdraw our CPF money when we need it.
Anyone want to do a survey .... Anybody????

Anonymous said...

Do we believe everything we read in Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

We must see what criteria is used to arrive at the rankings.

Just as the Singapore Governement is indignant when it comes to the human rights ranking, we never know how much trust we can place on such rankings, and whether it reflects the real situation.

To stray from the point, unemployment statistics is also another area that can mislead wholesale, depending on how the Government juggle with the inclusion or exclusion of categories of people, using different definition of unemployment, underemployment or falling out of the unemployment registry after a certain period of time.

Statistics do lie if tempered with deliberately to suit a purpose.

Anonymous said...

When talking about why rankings cannot be taken at face value, the last financial crisis taught us that you should not believe totally the uttterances of S & P, Moodys and the like.

Money can do wonders with people.

Tan Choon Hong said...

“Health is wealth” as they say. Since we’re the world’s richest nation, we got to be the healthiest, right?

Fact is we paid out of our own pockets to achieve this state of health. The government spent less than 1.6% of GDP on healthcare. The credit goes to us citizens.

C H Yak said...

But from angle angle, are we something just like "asset-rich" only but "cash-poor"...????### ...If this survey report from HSBC make sense?

In a recent survey published by HSBC in 2011 (“The Future Of Retirement”), it was found that many household financial plans contain significant gaps: About 1 in 3 of those in their fifties do not have retirement savings and 1 in 4 couples with children say they do not have life insurance.

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