Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A more efficient procurement process

10 August 2012 

Editor, Forum Page
Straits Times

Recently, the National Parks Board awarded a tender for several foldable bicycles
costing $2,200 each. The tender was awarded to the sole bidder at a price
considered to be outrageously high.

The public asked why there was only one bid, when there should be many potential
suppliers that could meet the specification?

The short time allowed for submission for the bid and the intervening holidays
were suspected to be the key factors. 

Having participated in several bids in the GE Biz portal, I wish to 
point out that the portal is extremely difficult to use. 

I had a lot of trouble to register to be a supplier and continue to face difficulty 
in getting information on the tenders that are being invited, and worse, 
to submit a bid. 

It is quite expensive to pay an experienced staff to search the portal 
regularly for tenders and to prepare and submit the quotations. 

I can understand why small businesses are reluctant to participate in the GEBiz
portal and for those who managed to clear this hurdel, decide to give up after a while. 
It is just not worthwhile to spend a lot of work and money, and not get the business 
to cover the cost.

If the government agencies want to have a more transparent and efficient 
procurement process, they should take a look at the GEBiz portal and get 
feedback from users on how the portal can be made more user friendly to 

Tan Kin Lian
Tan Kin Lian & Associates Pte Ltd


Anonymous said...

With a bill of $54,000 for 26 bicycles, there should be at least 2 approving signatures. Did those approval officers know what they were signing or they just did it blindly. All the blame is unfairly point to the purchaser. Could there be also a possibility the purchaser breakup $54,000 single purchase so as to only obtain 1 signature due to smaller amount?

Very fishy. Worst is if the last approving Officer is a Minister or MP thus not nice to review....

Anonymous said...

In the private sector.
Even the big companies.
All are extra nice to suppliers whenever a tender is floated.

Because they want maximum participation and choice.

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