Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fearing President Brezhnev

Here is another joke.

An American visited Moscow during the days of the Cold War and met with a Russian friend in a restaurant. Russia was part of the Soviet Union and the leader was President Leonard Brezhnev, who was much feared by the citizens.

The American asked his Russian friend, "Tell me, what is your opinion of President Brezhnev?"

The Russian looked around him and found that there were too many people in the restaurant and it was not safe to speak. He beckoned to his friend and they both went outside.

Outside, the American was waited in anticipation of a candid answer. The Russian saw that there were people walking by on the street and was still frightened to talk.

They went up a bus which took them outside the town and dropped off near the forest.

The American said, "All right, there is not a single soul around now. Tell me, what is your opinion about President Brezhnev?"

The Russian said, "Actually, I admire him a lot".

If you do not catch this joke, wait a while for someone to explain it to you. It is a fact that many Singaporeans do not have a sense of humor.


TKL Lover! said...

You tell some of the best jokes in the country!

Anonymous said...

A man ran through the streets of Moscow shouting: 'Brezhnev is a swine!'

He was seized and given twenty-one years: one year for defamation, and twenty years for leaking state secrets.

What does two times two make?
Whatever the Party says.

Two Russians meet.
'How's life?'

'Do you read the papers?'
'Of course! How else would 1 know?'

yujuan said...

Why so similar to our local version of .........
Rightly so, we would prefer and admire the feared Authoritarian Dictator that is competent than the one who is .........
Unfortunately, Dictators are humans, could grow old and senile, dragging the country down the slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

People goes crazy when oppressed.

Anonymous said...

catch no ball ;)

But one thing I know Brezhnev did not kill people in concentration camp like Stalin and Kruzchev. So, my guess he was a better president, relatively.

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