Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am now in London. I took the Heathrow Express from the airport to Paddington. Cost 19 GBP and only 15 mins. Another 10 GBP from Paddington to my hotel. If I took the taxi from airport to hotel, the cost would be 60 GBP. So, the train and taxi is half of the cost.

The taxi driver could not find the hotel, as the name changed recently. If he had Google maps, it would have been easier. They should use Google map.

I saw many cyclist on the roads in Central London. They appear to be quite safe. The traffic moves slowly.  


TQC said...

Dear Mr Tan, If possible, I will love to meet you in London for a drink/chat. My phone is 079 2025 4249.

Anonymous said...

and if u notice - there's seldom any honking?

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