Saturday, August 25, 2012

Suspension for three years

Dr. Susan Lim was suspended by the Singapore Medical Council from practice for three years, as they found that she had over-charged her patients.

I find the decision to be harsh and counter-productive. She is a renown doctor and to stop her from practice for such a long period is a lose-lose outcome. She has useful skills that can be applied for the benefit of her patients.

Dr. Lim said that there are no fee guidelines and her fees have been agreed with the patient. If the patient was unhappy with the fee, she could have raised the matter during the time that she was being treated. It was not fair for this matter to be raised by the family after the patient had died.

While many people may find her fees to be excessive, Dr. Lim had her reasons as well and her points should also be considered.  A better outcome is for her to refund some of the fees to the family - which is what she had done.


Anonymous said...

Dr Susan Lim.
If you are also thinking of emigrating. Welcome to the club.
Somethings are just not worth fighting for.

yujuan said...

Dr Lim may have erred as the greediest doctor in Singapore, but we guess she pegs her fees according to financial status of patient.
Bet that if the Royal patient had survived and recovered well, the Bruneian Royal House would not have filed this complaint.
A censor, fine and a 6 months suspension, and return of some fees should be humanely sufficient. Why kill off our own countryman, she's really a professional skillful doctor.
As usual, Singapore Authorities prefer to drive out local talent, and replace with FTs. Not worth being patriotic to this country.

Anonymous said...

Was her long suspension due to the fact that it was because of royalty involved in her case and that has tarnished our medical hub reputation that we are trying so hare to build up?

Or to show that the law is indeed fair to rich and poor alike after the outcry over the Woffles Wu case?

patchoe said...

I totally agree with TKL. Dr Susan Lim is a good doctor with tremendous skill. She had operated on my old mother and saved her life. Her charges had been reasonable then. If she had overcharged, I would have discussed the issue with her at that time.
SMC should re-consider its decision.

Anonymous said...

She can also be assigned to serve in a public hospital for the period of three years (",)

Lye Khuen Way said...

Seem that the SMC is trying to uphold "ethical" fees because, Dr Susan Lim pointed out, there can be no over-charging as the SMC had abolished its Fees Guidelines .

So noble...
No, I am not convinced.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about her case is that why is MOH taking up the cudgel for the patient. Has MOH ever done that when Singaporeans want to complain to SMC?

Anonymous said...

The royal house did not file a complaint. It was the Singapore authority that did and then approach the Brunei side for their story. I find it strange that this should be the case. Imagine if mas is to approach those customers who paid for services how many will say they have been overcharged and willing to testify?

Anonymous said...

Anyone cross sword with the Govt is looking for trouble. Govt will win and must win. This has been passed down from LKY time and the only thing they lost face is the Ministers' Salary review. But looking at the bright side, they are still the best paid cabinet in the world.

Case with 50 men, a prositute & a pimp. 50 men jailed ranged between 9 weeks to 12 weeks.

Case with City Harvest. My opinion is all charged will be crush as Govt never lose.

Case with 2 senior Civil Servants. Outcome? They will be tear apart in Court. Govt never lose.

Case between SPH & Yahoo. Good luck to Yahoo. Govt Court and Govt SPH is going to be rich.

Case on $2,200 bicycle. Poor Purchaser as he will join the unemployed pool of PMET.

Case on 450 $576 eco chair bought by MOM. No issue as Minister says ok.

Case between Lawyer Ravi & Law Society. Probably seeing the last of Lawyer Ravi as he picked to represent the wrong person on Govt $4b pledge to IMF.

The Govt will not be proven wrong, embrass in court or lose a case. The only thing that can shake them is General Election. We did it last year....Life is better now because Govt is listening harder eventhough not much result so far after GE11.

Anonymous said...

This is very very sad. Mr Tan, I totally agree with you and all the comments by your reader.
When we go and see a private doctor and he charge $X above Govt hospital, should we complain, NO CASE. Reason why you go PRIVATE and not GOVT. What Susan says is true, no guidelines. What is the market practise for a private surgeon fees for this operation and that? The authorities will say is a free market. You can charge $x high, but hope it is someone who will not complain.
What the ARMY taught singaporean men in true. Based on all the cases quoted it sums up


Dr Lim, as in some quotes it says if your own country does not want you, forget of being a loyal citizen, move on to another country as I am sure they will treasure you.

This is Singapore. All the best to you DR Lim as I am sure though you are suspended, your certificates are recognised internationally.

Raymond said...


Has anyone seen her credentials and experience in medicine and research?

She is pioneering new frontiers and doing research on stem cells.

Why stop her from continuing her reseach for the betterment of medicine and mankind just because she overcharges some rich dude, I wonder??

yujuan said...

May have erred in saying the Royal Family made the compliant.But why is SMU and MOH acting in cahoots to carry the balls of the Royalty.
To curry favour?
Dr Lim over the years has pioneered many impressive medical breakthroughs right here in Singapore.
She is running a comprehensive medical service Company, for the rich who could afford and willing to pay, right from arranging air transport, etc. Stingy to pay, dun accept her services, the way SMU censored her, as if the Royal family dun know her charges before hand.
Showing off their power and might, pray, for whom to see and appreciate. Just go fly kites, SMU, MOH. Lay hands off our local talent. We need Dr Lim more than any show off officials from these 2 Govt Agencies.
If SMU and MOH wan to act with integrity, then first stop fleecing us with the high fees and expensive medicines we are forced to pay at all restructured hospitals. No sincerity, and with selfish motives, then zip up your gap. Royalty dun complain, why be busybodies.

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