Monday, November 12, 2012

FISCA talk on investments

39 participants have applied to attend the FISCA talk on investments. This talk will advise the participants on how to select investments that can give a good return, and to manage the risk. This talk is free to FISCA members. Non-members pay $30. This is the last free talk for members.

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zhummmeng said...

Attend Mr. TanKL's talk and protect yourself. The life insurance indsutry is becoming a jungle. Tom dick and harry are joining as insurance agents disregarding the poor job reputation.
Reported in the Sunday Times another engineer and his wife joined as insurance agents to get rich quick and to give her flexible time to look after her children and same time to make money. They never said that the life insurance offered them opportunities to help people to meet their financial goals.And what financial qualification do they have to help people?
People, you got to be careful, people are joining life insurance NOT because they want to help you with your finances but to rob you of your finances and get rich quick. This is the truth.Have no doubt about it.Beware of these charlatans.

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