Friday, November 16, 2012

Police told break-in victim to seek legal recourse

If there has to be legal action against every culprit,
wouldn't our courts be over-burdened by ceaseless litigation?
what are we to make of the police
and their duties and responsibilities
in crime prevention and deterrence?
Views from Tan Kin Lian
I agree with the writer. Things are getting very bad in Singapore, when the Police neglect their duty to the citizen.


Lye Khuen Way said...

I always have this impression nowadays that there is " no government".
Instead, we now have "coverment", as what happened the other week regarding a Certis vehicle parked indiscriminately and "summoned". A blank parking ticket in most dramatic twist to the "wayang" we used to live with.

Kooli said...

Around my HDB home, they are 6 "Crime Alerts" display by SPF.

Weeks ago, I took a Taxi from Alexandra Hospital. The old Indian driver told me he like LKY era when seret socity were surpressed. He and his family are not happy with immigrant.

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