Thursday, November 15, 2012

Promoting gold bar schemes

Recently a friend of mine received this SMS from company X dealing
with Gold Scheme.

"Before you spend your bonus on holiday and shopping, please reserve
your gold bar to enjoy our limited year end offer with total cash
payout of 12% for 6 months"

This is too good to be true in view of the current 'poor' bank interest rates.

He asked me: Mr Tan, I am just wondering what is our authorities doing?


Peter Thompson said...

Be well aware a couple of things about Gold. First there are quite a few scams out there. A number of cases have turned up where titanium bars were painted gold. Second, Gold pays no income, why not consider other alternative investing options which do? We wrote an article on this subject in Market Oracle m mof the UK:
alternative investment

yujuan said...

Perhaps Mr. Tan could invite Mr. Thompson to conduct a Fisca talk on such alternative investments.
Being small insular people, the greenhorns here find such outside the box investments rather intimidating.

zhummmeng said...

Tungstun is another metal that is as heavy as gold and it has been used to pass off as gold.
Investors should check below the 'skin'

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