Sunday, November 11, 2012

Medical insurance for the Elderly

What is the best medical insurance plan for the elderly in Singapore? Read my recommendation here. Share it with your elderly parents or, for elderly people, share it with your adult children.


yujuan said...

Good advice, guess most people would accept it. But have across trainee doctors assigned to subsidized patients, not exaggerating.
Mr. Tan's friend may be given the gag order not to reveal too much, his career at stake.

Jeremy Ow said...

Thanks Mr Tan for sharing this informative article with us. It helps us to make a better informed decision when choosing our medical insurance. Not everyone is able to afford the best medical insurance plans for private hospital treatments due to the high insurance premiums and hospital treatment costs and bills. For the less wealthy, maybe a public hospital medical insurance plan will suffice. Even with the best medical insurance plan for treatments in private hospitals may not necessarily guarantee success in treating an incurable disease or injury. I personally have confidence in the doctors in our public hospitals.

Anyway, when one is struck with stage 4 cancer for example, it does not matter whether one goes to private hospitals or public hospitals as I think the better thing to do could be to make good use of one's remaining time to do what he hopes to do while he still have the limited time left before dying. This is also a reminder to live one's life meaningfully while he is still alive as there is no medical insurance plan that will protect one from dying, no matter whether a medical plan for treatment in public or private hospitals.

Kooli said...

Mr Tan's advise is suitable for elderly or superelderly who has discharged their family responsibilty.

For those young or middle-age patient especially he/she has children, they must fight against dread disease and survive. Their children still need father/monther's love.

nihaal marsh said...

I have a job with health insurance provided. I have my wife on this plan too. ... The 2 insurance companies will have to do a co-ordination of benefits.
health insurance in SW

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