Thursday, January 31, 2013

Loyalty to Singapore

A few people ask me to write about the meaning of "loyalty to Singapore". 

Loyalty means that if the country calls on you, you are willing to come forward to serve the country. At times of war, it means the willingness to give your life to protect the sovereignty of the country. It also means that you are willing to speak out the good values and beliefs of the country. 

You should also be willing to lose financially, so that the country can benefit more than the sacrifice. This includes the payment of fair share of tax needed to run the country.

For the people to have loyalty to a country, there must be good values and beliefs shared by all the people. If there are doubts as to what the country means to the citizens, the doubts have to be cleared. People must know what they are fighting for.

The citizens have to be treated fairly and given a say in the future of the country. Loyalty is a two way street.

Does migration from Singapore mean disloyalty to Singapore. I do not think so. If a person migrates and takes up citizenship in another country, but is willing to answer the call to serve Singapore in times of emergency, that person clearly retains loyalty to Singapore.

Most countries are quite open minded about their migrating citizens and will welcome them back, if they wish to return. We have to adopt the same open-minded approach. 


Kooli said...

Loyalty: 忠Zhong in Chinese.尽忠报国jin zhong bao gao or logylty to the nation.

During civic war in 1900s, General Zhang张 (Republican) and his troops was chased by strongest Communist. Zhang's soldier intend to destroy a bridege in order to save the Replican troop. General Zhang give his command to stop to destroy the bridge. He said: "we should not destroy the bridge, it belong to the public. Instead, we should protect the bridge. The bridge is not our enemy. Our enemy is Communist.".

Kooli said...


Gen Zhang spend his retire life in USA until 90+years old.

Kooli said...

In ancient Chinese philosophy, loyalty always coupled with yi义 or duty. It become zhong yi 忠义。

I thought the practice of loyalty in Singapore context would be Kampong spirit.

Last 2 days, I e-mail to my MP for the PAP Community Foundation at Block 339 who trash food residue and carton box outside their office. Tonight, he has CNY party next to Blk 339. I am yet to receive his response. In this case, where is the practice of LOYALTY by the social enterprise?

Kooli said...

Woodland Park East is a hill about 20 story tall. 3 months ago, I found landslide. The RC member had an awarded garden next to the are of landslide.

Had the RC member loyalty to Singapore, they should make a report to the authority.

Why the Park Ranger (NEA) and Estate Officer (Sembarwant Town Council) are not taking any action to prevent landslide to protect the RC garden and HDB flat? They are PAID and not doing their duty. ARE THEY LOYAL TO SINGAPORE?

I don't stay around the above mentioned park with landslide.
Yesterday, I was rather worry for the pressure from hilltop against the landslide. I made a report to NEA and tell them to take action as soon as possible.

Kooli said...

'If there are doubts as to what the country means to the citizens...'

On 7 Feb, my mother will have an appointment with a specialist at KTPH. She has been waiting 4 months. Polyclinic Doctor had asked: 'why so long?'

My personal answer to my mother: "Long Q due to over-population and shortage of hospital/doctors in Singapore NOW AND FUTURE." "5 years later, the Q to see a specialist doctor might be 6 or 9 months. To protect my own health, I will migrate to neighbourhood country for immediate medical attention if not an acute case."

In this case, how you expect me to loyal to Singapore? It is a live and dead issue !

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