Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Population White Paper - Lucky Tan's views

A few people have asked for my views about the Population White Paper. I will give them later.

Meanwhile, I like to ask you to read this article from Lucky Tan. Lucky is usually quite factual and objective in stating his views. He did a thorough research and write with strong reasons.

I recommend you to read his views and analysis and also to read the other articles in his website, "A Diary of a Singapore Mind". He has a strong following.

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Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, both Lucky Tan and "Tattler" have always good write up.
Their views on this White Paper reflect the views of everyone except the ruling party and some.

I have joked that there have been another Paper prepared.
A Black Paper !
Black ink on black paper, no?
The Real Hard Truth are in this Black Paper.

Singapore population density is surely ahead of Hong Hong.
We have yet to overcome the I'll effects of the huge influx these past few years, and we are dreaming of more !

Sad , very sad.

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