Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Party in Hougang

Mr. Feed shows a video of the party in Hougang during by-election night

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yujuan said...

Really give my hat to this Party. Could U Turn without the faintest tinge of pink, what with controlling the tap for foreigners to enter, what with the increase in MRT lines so that everyone would take only 5 to 10 mins to walk to a Station, and then drop a bomb after the Punggol BE, to put out a Pop White Paper to target a population of 7m, negating whatever they promised after the GE 2011.
And to cap it all, PM admitted that his highest paid Govt in the world was not 20/20 right in Governance, but in a Corporate Entity, incompetence would result in demotion with pay reduction, or sacking, or least asked to resign on their own will.
We have a Bo Ba Gay and Bochap Govt on hand. Now then we understand why Shanmugan dropped hints we could call his Govt staffed with Idiots.

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