Sunday, January 27, 2013

Workers Party win by a big margin


yujuan said...

Still sticking to the wrong strategy that pisses off many voters, PAP never learn. Easier to change a country, harder to change one's character.

"This is me, I am me."
Meaning, "This is the arrogant me, I am the arrogant me." Big words from a typical arrogant member of the ruling Party.

michael13 said...

True. PAP never learn. Confidence is silent and arrogance is loud. PAP is loud to find all sorts of excuses to justify the devastating loss - the so-called 'Punggol Slap'.

Increasing numbers of mature voters find the 'need' to act NOW to stop the 'greed' of PAP government under the current leadership.

With the 'Punggol Slap', here we begin the 'National Conversation'. The truth triumphs and the people celebrate.

One way to go forward: "PAP sits up and takes notice. Stop trying to be 'smarter' than the people who elect them."

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