Sunday, January 27, 2013

PAP suffers 10.83% swing in Punggol East

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yujuan said...

The infidelity of Mickey Mouse, as in Yaw of Hougang case, has no effect on the By election results, infidelity is as old as prostitution, it's no big deal.
It's the AIMgate that is one of the Archilles' heel for PM Lee, admire his guts to call for BE without settling this thorn in his butts.
Should take a leaf from his father's handling of Teh Cheang Wan's famous corruption case.
Honesty is the best policy, why dun he repeat what he had done with Mickey, the marital cheater. No big deal sacrificing some no longer significant PAP members. Re-establishing PAP's reputation and public trust is more important than to cover these people up.
The more Teo Ho Pin's stout but feeble defence on PAP's behalf, the blacker and bigger the mark has become.
Voters are not daft, could see through, a spade is a spade, why try to name it otherwise so many times, making Teo look like a fumbling idiot.
We still keep faith with PM Lee that he's not aware of AIMgate, should call for an investigation instead, not a review.
Is face more important than public trust?

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