Friday, February 08, 2013

Hold a referendum on the Population White Paper

648 people have signed the Petition asking the Government to hold a Referendum on the Population White Paper. 

It does not matter that the Government is unlikely to heed this call. More important, is to show the Government that a large number of citizens are willing to give their particulars in support of the Petition.

This is why the Petition ask for name, NRIC, age and occupation. I have also asked for email and telephone, in case there is a need for verification. I do not want to have mischievous people giving false particulars.

I urge those who feel strongly about the potential increase in population to encourage more people to sign the Petition.


yujuan said...

In Singapore, no use going the gentlemanly Petition way to have our voice heard, the most direct, effective way is to exercise our voting rights at the polls, or attend the protest gathering at Hong Lim Park on 16th Feb evening.
However, against inviting International Presses to attend, why should we give free advertisments aiding the Govt to attract unscrupulous, opportunistic seeking migrants to try their luck knocking on our small island door.
Defeats the real purpose of the Protest.
Yes, this White Paper will be forcefully thrust down our throats with the PM pushing out all the big gun Ministers to speak on his behalf, like he skillfully used the Christian Ministers to push for the Casino Bill to counteract the religious organisations' objections.
But this time round the PM has overstepped the line, many citizens are very angry, a Referentum is a must for the people to decide, and we would respect the outcome whichever way it turns out. If fellow citizens wan to be screwed further, so be it.
A good chance to gauge whether people still accept the PAP to be the best Party to lead the Nation further.
An empathic No to a Referentum would indicate the PAP Govt has no guts to put themselves to the test.

Weng Mao Fa said...

SG receives more than 10m tourist each year.

Existing population 5.3m + 1m international tourist each month in average
= 6.3m now.

Happy lunar new year.

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