Thursday, March 28, 2013

Car hit from behind

Letter in ST forum. 

LAST July, my car was hit from behind by another car.
I reported the accident to the insurance firm-designated workshop, thinking I could go ahead with the repairs.
However, half a year passed with no progress. The workshop said the insurance company was sitting on the claim.
When I called the insurance company, it said the other driver never reported the incident, so it could not proceed with the claim. I made a police report but the police said they would not take action as there was no injury.
I later found out that the other driver and I had policies under the same insurance company.
Is this the way an insurance company acts on claims? Is there a loophole somewhere?
My car was damaged but I cannot receive compensation even though it was not my fault.
The insurance company asked me to claim on my own insurance or go to a lawyer, for which I would have to cough out more money. I am at my wits' end.

When you meet with an accident, report to your insurance company and let them handle the repair and recovery from the third party. Don't try to get your workshop to make a third party claim - as you may face this difficulty. If you make a claim on your own insurance policy, you will lose the No Claim Bonus (up to 30% only). If the accident is obviously the fault of the other party, a good insurance company may allow your NCB - so look for a good one.


yujuan said...

The problem is how to find a responsible and good Insurer, could only tell when car is involved with an accident.
Appreciate the good tip given - when one meets with an accident, report to his Insurer and let them handle the matter, dun go direct to the Insurer's workshop for repairs first.
The insured just have to tolerate driving around with a dented or damaged car.

yujuan said...

With past experience, found AXA service response to accidents admirably efficient, the drawback is their premiums are relatively higher.
Guess you have to pay for quality.

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