Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sincere Statement

Let it be clear that the Opposition and their supporters are not a bunch of crazies who want trouble and nothing. Like all Singaporeans, we want to live in a healthy, happy environment, and are also willing to work hard for it. We also want to see prosperity, peace and stability.

The difference is that we know that to enjoy all these, there needs to be a significant shift in the way our country is run, in the way our policies are implemented and our politics played. Real stability, real peace, real prosperity are what we are looking for. And that cannot be at the expense of our individual citizens. 

The days of the old empire must be put aside. The light of enlightenment must befall our shores. The dream we want to achieve will come and must come in order for us, all of us, to sleep in peace at night and thrive in the mornings.
It is not about dismantling what need not be dismantled. It is about replacing what should be. It is about building a new world, a safer, fairer, better world, for people to live in. 

It is as much about patriotism as it is about the dignity shared by all mankind. It is as much about economy as it is about society and welfare. It is as much about material as well as emotional things. 

We must spread the message, that we come with love, with a desire to better Singapore, with inclusivity and compassion, strong will and big hearts. 

We are not petty little people, or noisy nuisances. We will make a big impact, be a big voice and lead the big example for the change of tomorrow. 

We will..' -via The New Era

Sgc Ommoner

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yujuan said...

It's proven now Opposition Politics is good for the people.
To meet the challenge, the complacent,incumbent Govt has woken up from slumber, and are now aggressively addressing issues that make life so difficult for citizens since 2006.
It's a win win situation for citizens, the ruling Party and the Opposition Parties.
Just hope that the changes are not just cosmetic to cover up imperfections, like the saying,
"zhi biao bu zhi ben".

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