Thursday, March 28, 2013

Metropolitan Museum of Art's entrance fee 'deceptive'

The main lobby of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York  19 March 2013
About six million people attend the New York museum annually
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's practice
of requesting a 'recommended' admission fee of $25 (£16)
deceives patrons entitled to pay as little as they choose,
a lawsuit charges.

The lawsuit, filed in New York City on behalf of former patrons,
contends that the world famous museum, which receives six million visitors a year,
uses misleading marketing and cashier training to deceive unwary visitors.

A former employee of the Met may testify, alleging that
cashiers were trained to encourage visitors to pay the full fee by saying things like
'you must realise it is very expensive to run the museum'and that signage was changed from 'suggested' to 'recommended'because administrators believed it would encourage people to pay more..

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