Thursday, March 28, 2013

Museum admission fees help fund operations

IN HIS letter last Saturday
("Offer free museum entry to all"),
Mr Tan Kin Lian suggested making museum entry free for all,
including foreign visitors.
... by continuing to charge foreign visitors general museum admission fees,
and charging both local and foreign visitors for special exhibitions,
our museums will be able to offer
high-quality exhibitions in a sustainable manner for all to enjoy.
Indeed,there are many museums in other countries that provide
free entry to residents, and charge fees to foreign visitors.
Yeo Whee Jim
Arts and Heritage Division
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

I wrote to Yeo Whee Jim

Dear Mr. Yeo

Thank you for replying to my letter in the Straits Times.

You may have missed my point. I felt that the amount collected from visitors might not justify the money spent to employ people to collect the fees.

Can I ask for a breakdown on the following:

a) How much is spent yearly on staff salaries and other cost to collect admission fees?
b) How much is collected as admission fees from visitors

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