Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Meet the People session

Desumondo Deseumondeu asked:
Mr Tan,
Some thing happen to me quite recently and i just wanted to share my views.

I approached 3 different PAP MPs during their Meet The People sessions on different days regarding the same matter and asked exactly the same question.
However NONE of them actually got back to me with an answer, and worse yet send me a letter which is not the answer but a totally different opinion which does not in anyway relate to the question i asked them !!

When the govt are not able to help us citizens, what other channels are we able to turn to for assistance and squeeze an answer out of them ??

The MPs are also in a jam. They receive all kinds of people and problems in their Meet the People session. There is also difficulty in communicating with some residents - due to language or lack of education. (I am not referring to you).

It is quite easy for them to get mixed up, or to get confused over the issue.

If you have a problem, it will be helpful if you can write it down clearly (or get some help to write it down). It will be easier for your MP to understand the issue and to help find an answer (if at all possible).

Be fair to the MPs. Do not approach three of them over the same issue.

Frankly, I think the "Meet the People" session is out-of-date, but the PAP dare not abandon it.


Xianlong said...

The PAP are already out-of-touch living in high up in ivory towers when they are conducting meet the peasants sessions.

If they abandon it, they would be living in space.

Despite the digital age, nothing builds a connection than being face-to-face with people. Obama still travel a lot during campaigning to meet people eye-to-eye & shaking hands & carrying babies.

yujuan said...

Agree, meet the peoples Session must continue, though in certain constituencies the MPs who can't solve problems for residents, dun even bother to write them a reply.
But have made an interesting observation, the wealthier residents, who are more highly educated and more articulate in their request presentation, more likely get the help they wanted, while the poorer and less educated tend not to get same attention, and they have to keep asking.
For people who need help, better get someone to type on paper, clearly stating their problem, the avenues with which Govt Agencies they have already gone through, and the reply they received. This makes easier work for the MP and his volunteer assistants. Dun just appear with only a verbal request.
The MPS is very last century, but it's the only last avenue for help for the poorer classes.
Another observation, if you live in an GRC, pick a Minister MP, he holds more power and respect with the Govt Agencies, and the better your chances to get help.

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