Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Naming of roads

In the old days, we have a simpler way to name our roads, e.g. in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh. The major roads are called Avenue or Lorong and the smaller roads are called Street. They are numbered.

Later, for Sengkang and Punggol, somebody decided to give different names to the roads. This naming structure is confusing to people who visit the estate from outside. I suspect that the residents will also find it confusing.

To make matters worse, the roads are described as avenue, road, street, lane, way without regard to size. Usually, one expects the roads to be name according to size - starting from avenue, road, street, lane.

For example, Sin Ming Lane is of the same size as Sin Ming Avenue. This is only possible using Singapore logic!

I don't know why some smart fellow was allowed to change the naming structure to be so confusing, and why they were allowed to do so.


Xianlong said...

The naming of later generation hdb blks with alphabets is also a dumb move.

The older blks are simply numbers such as blk 111, 112, 113, 114

Later blks are blk 111A, 111B, 111C, 111D.

Granted some extra blks might come up later under the pure number blk system - it is then we add an alphabet.

Otherwise i find the alphabet blk naming system to be a drag.

rex said...

Toapayoh lorong6 actually is part of a huge simple ring road which encapsulates toapayoh town. The other half of the ring is called lorong 1. It should have been called ToaPayoh Ring Road for the entire ring.
Hougang Av 10 is downright ridiculous. The entire road is T shaped, at the junction of the T, everywhere you see is stil hougang av 10!
Edgefield Plain is not a Plain, Puggol Field is not a field, they are just roads. Edgedale Plain and Edge field Plain are both roads with so similar name s. and there is a road called Pungol Field Walk!
The moral of the story is, when you make a mistake, you cannot correct it easily. like minister salaries. You are stuck with it.

saba said...

Mr Tan,

It is better that the highly paid civil service staff change the road names now to reflect common sense logic as you explained - road, street, lane etc. This renaming logic MUST be the result of a highly rated PRESIDENT scholar - which i would want them to accountable to changes and policies. There is no one accountable for policies in this government?

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