Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My grand children love the Magic Box

Whenever my grand daughters visit me, the first thing they ask is to look into the Magic Box. It will stay in their childhood memory. What is the Magic Box? Every parent or grandparent should have one. http://c-onyx.com/page/26


Xianlong said...

Young kids should play with Lego Duplo or Lego too instead of being addicted to playing with smartphones or whatever electronic gadget.

Playing with lego helps in creativity.

Sobri said...

Although rewarding children for good behaviour is correct, would doing so at an early stage encourages them to be materialistic when they are older? We are beginning to see people doing good deeds and then putting what they have done on the media to gain praises and thumbs ups. Doing good should by itself be the reward.

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