Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Pay a fee to the financial adviser

The information given in the EIP website are FREE for members of the website. 
If you still need advice on any of the product or alternative products, contact a financial adviser and pay a modest consulting fee. It is worth spending this money. The adviser can guide you on what is a better choice and can save you tens of thousand dollars. Pay them a fee, as they have to make a living. Otherwise, they will spend their time to sell you products that can earn them a few thousand dollars, at your expense. Do you want that to happen?


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zhummmeng said...

If consumers don't want to pay a fee for advice because they know or they think they know they can wait for 2014 June to buy directly from the insurance company without paying the commission.
And consumers think they know how to compare products they can wait for 2014 December when the web based product comparison will be put up by MAS for the smart consumers and the smart alecks to make comparison.
Fee is for consumers who don't know or people who think they don't know and for people who really want to be insured adequately with the most suitable products and who don't mind engaging an expert to plan their personal finances.
Of course I can understand the consumers who fear they hire an "EXPERT' and turned out to be a salesman in consultant's clothing, especially the insurance companies are conferring fancy titles on their salesmen and conmen. Eg. a title like EXECUTIVE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT is conferred on salesmen and conmen for conning and fleecing lots of commission from their poor clients. If look at their production you will be convinced. These people con their customers without batting an eyelid.
However the good news is these salesmen with fancy titles will eat grass when MAS implements the 'balanced scorecard' based on KPIs which penalise salesmen's commission and this might even cause them the revocation of license.
Stay tuned for new MAS updates.

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