Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My attitude towards government policies

Someone observed that I don't like the policies of the Government. It is true that I don't like many of the social and economic polices, especially those that lead to high income gap, high cost of housing, high cost of living, wastefulness and unfairness. 

But, I know that the Government leaders are doing their best to solve these issues. I do not like their approach, which is not addressing the roots of the problems, but it is a matter of opinion. They think that their policies are right, and they are ultimately responsible for the outcome.

By adopting their aloof approach, they are cutting themselves from alternative views of concerned citizens - many of whom have practical experiences. I hope that they will be truly willing to listen to alternative approaches, rather than continue their "arrogant" attitude.

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Xianlong said...

In addition to your mentioned of aloof & arrogant attitudes among the pap, there is also massive group think.

Military officers in cabinet.
Military officers in GLCs.
Military officers in stat boards like PUB.

Military officers who Yes sir! Just follow orders can already without talking back.

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