Monday, June 15, 2015

Learn from Apple to make it easy for user

A few years ago, I was given the SingTel internet dongle as part of my subscription to the fiber network in the office.
Initially, I tried to set up the dongle. It was a complicated process and was most discouraging. They provided too many facilities that I did not need, but had to provide to complete the process. Finally, I managed to get it set up, but with a lot of trouble.
Since then, I hardly used the dongle, as Wifi is now widely available. On the few occasions that I used it, I had some trouble or another, in spite of the "seamless connection" that was provided.
Most people used the dongle to connect to the Internet. They would not want to use the added facilities provided by SingTel. It is better to provide a setup of the basic facility, so that the setup is made easy.
For those who need the added facilities, they can go through an "Advanced" tab and learn how to use it.
SingTel should not impose the full facility on users who do not require it. I find the SingTel approach to be quite common in Singapore. Somehow, they make things more complicated than necessary. We should learn to follow Apple - they really know how to make things easy for the user.

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