Monday, June 15, 2015

Legislators in Hong Kong speak up for consumers

The legislators in Hong Kong are quite active in speaking for consumers who were misled into investing in bad insurance policies that cause them to lose a lot of their savings due to the upfront fees.
They spent the time to understand the problem and were able to speak up with a good knowledge of the issue.
We need our legislators in Singapore to be full time legislators who can also understand the many issues facing the people.
Read about what the legislators say in their legislative council, which is the equivalent of our Parliament in Singapore. Click here to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

Spore has almost no first world consumer right to speak of. Someone who is supposed to speak for the consumers must not have any (even remote) relationship with the service providers in the first place. This is never the case with so much involvement by government linked businesses around. Good examples are major public transport companies which have quantitative difficulty to improve their service standard when they need also to answer to share holders, including our government ('s pocket). $ is always the priority in this city. Consumers can wait.

In HK, legislators are elected directly by people, the consumers themselves. This is the key difference.

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