Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Salary of Prime Minister

Dear Mr tan 
I am a Singaporean this year 24, i am not happy with prime minister salary. Something must be wrong, Japan is richest than singapore, the prime minster is Shinzo Abe. Japan population rate is 127 million and Singapore population rate is 5.4 million

Japan prime minister salary is around usd 30,000 per month ( 127 million population ) Singapore prime minister salary is around usd183,000 person ( 5.4 million population )

I have a question 
1) Are Singaporean are going to pay more tax for the prime minister salary because japan have 127 million population and Singapore have 5.4 million?
2) Why there the cleaner job is usd 3000? than sSngaporean cleaner job is usd1000?

1) The tax that Singaporeans have to pay is not affected by the salary of the prime minister. The prime minister gets $2 million a year. As there are 5.5 million people in Singapore, the cost to each taxpayer is less than $1 a year. But if we add the total cost of the government, and include the salaries of the ministers, members of parliament and the top civil servants, then the cost to the taxpayer could be more of a burden - but still not that serious. 

2)  Many countries (not only Japan) pay their manual workers quite well. Singapore pay our manual workers quite poorly. We should pay more.

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Anonymous said...

We do not just pay excessive salary to our ministers but also paying a lot for their bad policies that do not benefit most locals. This is much more costly than their high salary.

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