Monday, June 15, 2015

A personal story from a new FISCA member

This new FISCA member wishes to share his personal experience.

1. How I knew FISCA

I get to know about FISCA through a shared post in Facebook about insurance and investment. Before I get to now about FISCA, I have been doing a lot of homework in researching a bad investment link plan (ILP) which I have bought. Back then, I was not confident about terminating my ILP as I would face an immediate loss of thousands. My research did point out I should terminate the plan as I would face a potential 200k+ loss after 40 years but taking a decision to take the immediate loss was not a easy one, afterall it was my hard earned money.

On that particular Facebook post, the recommendation hit exactly to where my research has pointed. That is where I knew I must attend this talk. Most would say insurance is a necessity but who would stand out to say some of the insurance products are just out there to ripe you off. Till date, I still face questions from my friends on why are those products are not recommended. They are surprised by my explanation and gladly, they are convinced.

2.  Talks I have attended in

I have attended one of Mr Tan's talk on on Financial Planning at the cost of $30 and I strongly recommend all individuals to attend this talk.

3.  Why I recommend you to attend this talk

1) You should managed your own financials instead of being lead by financial adviser.  
2) Low cost at $30, compared to the thousands I lost - If only I attended this talk a year earlier.
3) The speakers are very sincere and the purpose of the talk is purely on educating the public.
4) Prevent yourself to be a victim like me.

I have seen many young working adults wouldn't mind spending hundreds of dollars a month in insurance products (protection + savings). The problem is that they do not have a full knowledge of how what these products actually are and they will eventually pay >100k until they are old. It will be like a drug where it is difficult to get out of this plan due to the losses and you have to continue paying the premium. Thanks to Mr Tan, I got myself out of this and started my own savings plan. This will be much simpler than you would think.

Please do attend Mr Tan's talk. The talk is sincere with lots of takeaways. You can also take it as a educational tool to upgrade yourself and learning how to manage your own financials.


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