Friday, August 28, 2015

Invest in your future for only $6

Many people, especially those who just started work, are likely to buy a bad life insurance policy that will make them poor for a long time.

They can avoid this fate by investing $6 and 2 hours of time to read this book. This book is written in the context of Singapore and gives practical advice on what the young person should do, and should avoid.

Act now, and make the right investment for your future.

If you have children who are going to start work soon, you should buy this book for them. It could be the best gift that you can give to them, for only $6.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr tan, I have ordered the ebook and have transferred money to your dbs account since yesterday morning and till today still have not received the ebook. I sent numerous emails to and attached my remittance proof and receive no reply. How much there isn't a contact number at your eshop. Pls check. Regards Phyllis

Kin Lian Tan said...

Phyllis, the ebook was sent out yesterday. Please check.
I was quite busy lately, so I did not check the incoming payment. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

HI Phyllis,
congratulation. Hope you learn something and protect yourself from the predatory insurance salesmen ans women whose only interest is to sell if not con you into buying an insurance product that pays them a big commission.
Remember, the insurance agents have NO intention of planning in your best interest but their own and their company.
To start with, go to to check out the best buy from all the insurers if you are thinking of insurance.
Secondly, if you want advice and rebate or discount go to Providend , an FA company to get ANY insurance products with rebates of 30%.
Also remember to find our your needs
.All the best to you and ALL consumers out there.

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