Monday, August 24, 2015

Leaders who know how to cooperate, rather than compete

Mr. Tan
In PM Lee's National Day Rally, he talked about the changes in our neighboring countries and how some of their officials expect Singapore to be "sensitive" to their concerns.
We need leaders with the special skills and experience to handle these expectations. Do you agree?

I have heard this message many times over the past years. Our leaders used this message to scare the people into voting for them, based on their "ability" to handle these expectations.

The skills to handle these expectations do not come from people who were raised in the ivory tower, who think that they were "smart" and who treat other people with an arrogant attitude.

We need people who are comfortable in dealing with other people, have the skill to engage in a dialogue among peers and know to work in cooperation to find a "win win" solution.

We need people who know how to cooperate and do not focus only on competition. Sadly, our leaders do not have these skills - as they have done well by being competitive from their first year in school..


Anonymous said...

Methodology could be either positivism or anti-positivism.

Anonymous said...

My Indonesian maid helps my 80s yo father burn incense. She is not a Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

Recall the history of indonesia, territory of Sri Vijaya covered Malaya peninsula and Southen Thailand (Chaiya). No doubt if Indonesia want to call themselves as Big Brother an we are a red dot in terms of historical fact.

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