Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stock broking firm cannot afford to pay a speaker fee

Dear Mr Tan
I read with regular interest your articles via your website.

As we provide our clients with regular investment education talks, UOB Kay Hian Investor Centre will like to invite you to give a special presentation on your views of the current stock market downturn.

We are unable to pay a speaker's fee for your appearance but hope that you will like to educate our clients on your views related to shares investing.

We schedule regular events and promotions for our clients on a weekly (smaller scale events) and monthly basis (larger scale events and seminars).

Sorry, I wish to decline

Our stock broking firms make millions of profits each year. They should be able to afford a speaker's fee. I wonder if they also invite their foreign speakers to speak for free?


Anonymous said...

It's not that they are unable to pay but unwilling to pay. Ignore them until they can act fairly & humanely.

Bai Hu said...

Sorry to say this - some of these filthy-rich films are just plain cheapskates. Do not compromise your time and expertise Mr TAN. They do have to means to pay u.

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