Monday, August 24, 2015

We need a new approach to governing Singapore

Should we give the PAP the mandate to take us into the next 10 to 15 years?

My reply is - "No".
We need to send a strong message that the old style of governance, by people in the ivory tower, is not relevant today.
We need change.
We need a more active Parliament, where the law makers spend time to debate the key issues affecting our future.
We need a more diverse Parliament.
We need ministers who have spent many years on the issues affecting ordinary people before they are given the authority and trust to make decisions affecting our future. They cannot be parachuted into the position of important positions using the GRC system.

What is the best way to give this strong message? Vote for the alternative parties!

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yujuan said...

Being members of the Pioneer Gen, we are really not anti PAP, when drinking water, we keep the water source at heart.
But the new leadership pisses us off, the same old leaders play musical chairs, it's disappointing to see mediocre, unfamiliar newbies, package them in sleek gift boxes, and try to fool us as top grade tuna.
The old method of injecting more SAF "Paper Generals" approaching retirement age into safe GRC constituencies is the last straw. Oh, it's so passe, so last century, so glaringly clear the inability to draw high calibre candidates from the private sector.
With oldies like GCT, Uncle Teo, and the cossetted, yes men newbies, there is no actual new blood to rejuvenate situation.
See, no difference between Opposition and the hand- held new PAP candidates, the voters' dilemma. Guess many would really like LKY to jump out of coffin to set things right.

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