Monday, August 10, 2015

Is Amos Yee a genius?

Some people were surprised that I described Amos Yee to be a "genius". They find him and his use of vulgar language to be distasteful and clearly disliked him.

There is a difference between being a genius and behaving well.

Amos Yee is a genius because he is able to think independently of what is right or wrong and to have opinions of his own. His intellect surpasses most of the people that I know, including the "talents" that occupy our parliament and government.

I do not support his behavior but also do not wish to pass judgment on it.

In some respect, I was like Amos Yee when I was 16 years old. I acted in a way that was unexpected according to the norms of other people.

 Although I was among the top 10 students in Singapore in the Senior Cambridge examination (the precursor to the Oxford GCE O level examination), I quit school to come out to work.

My principal, Mr Eugene Jesudason, called me to this office and asked me to reconsider my decision. The school could offer me a bursary to meet my financial expenses. I could also apply for a scholarship.

I explained that I needed to earn a salary to contribute to my family income. He accepted my reason and was kind enough to call his friend, who was the top man in Great Eastern Life to offer me the starting position of a clerk. It was helpful to me.

I was the "smartest" among the clerks in the office at that time. but earned the same starting salary of $180 a month. The executives, where were graduates earned $300 a month.

I hope that this gives you a different perspective to look at Amos Yee. Here is his latest "genius" video.


Anonymous said...

Amos Yee did not quit school because of wanting to help his family's financial situation or to do something else useful. What he has done was endless distress and troubles for his mother and father. As a parents myself, I consider his behavior has plain disobedient and rebellious. Unfortunately he got himself into the trouble of the law and results with a criminal record. This is what all parents always warn their children of. His parents must have been heart broken. I wonder whether does Amos Yee realised how much hurt he has caused his parents.

yujuan said...

Ya, a real genius at such a young age, an extremely articulate orator, who would make a great politician when he grows up, PM Lee can't beat him in the smooth presentation, style and humorous content.
Admirably fearless, even Roy Ngern showed fear and restraint in Court, allowing PM seize opportunity to cut him down to size.
The million $ question,, would PM Lee fix him when he enters NS?
One thing for sure, he's very young, he could easily outlast PM and rest of the PAP Brigade, like what he said, when they all die off, leaving the young Generation to mould the future of Singapore to what they want, not what PAP wants.

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