Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Long queuing time at Land Transport Authority

My friend, who is a car dealer, told me that she spent half an afternoon queuing up at the Land Transport Office to make a transfer. She asked - why does LTA not employ more staff, so that the people do not have to wait so long? A few foreigners in the queue were extremely angry - the Singaporeans did not complain.

Here are my observations.

1) Our government agencies are short sighted. They wanted to reduce their cost, e.g. by employing less staff, but they pass the added cost to the public, who have to waste a lot of time in the queue.

2) Singaporeans love to queue - the longer the better. After all, they are paid by the employers, so they don't mind.

3) However, my friend is self employed, so she felt the wasted time to be stressful and eats into her ability to do more business and earn more to meet her high operating expenses.

We do have a short sighted government or leaders who do not know what is going on. Our feedback system is bad.

It is quite ironic. I saw a sign at the back of the bus - Land Transport Authority - we keep the world moving. My thought - They can't be the world moving when they are making people spend  a few hours in the LTA queue!

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