Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why you should not buy regular premium ILP

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If consumers want to know how they are being ripped off there is one article written by Yahoo about why you shouldn't be buying ILPs , especially regular ILPs.

Daily, many unwary consumers are being ripped off buying ILPs which being touted as better than whole life or endowment. 

Well, nothing is good when the insurance agents say they are good. Be contrarian . What is bad for agents is good for you, believe me you.

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Anonymous said...

All the regular ILPs from all insurance companies are ripped off. Please stay away from these toxic products disguised as RSP.
Secondly, those insurance salesmen and women who peddle them are NOT qualified in investment and have been miss-selling them. When I said 'all' companies I mean also EVERY company, just in case there are consumers who think there are exceptions. For your good to pay heed to this warning.
Those who bought them should lodge a complaint with MAS, I gaurantee out of every 100 cases sold 99.9 cases were miss-sold.

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