Thursday, August 13, 2015

One person's view about the resignation of Lui Tuck Yew

Posted in Tan Chuan-Jin  Facebook Page.

"Dear Mr Tan,
 I am not for or against LTY and I will comment on his resignation objectively. As in all work base scenarios, if your area of responsibility fails then you take the blame for it whether it is justified or not is another story to be debated on another day. 

Similar to the role of a CEO of a company, if the company make repeated losses or declining profits year after year, the shareholders and the Board will ask the CEO to leave, regardless of whether the problems are of his creation or not, but he is paid to resolve the issues on hand. This is just like the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank of which I am certain Temasek has a hand in the removal of the CEO. In Standard Chartered Bank's case, the Chairman also steps down, while in our present situation, rightly or wrongly the Chairman (prime minister) is not stepping down! 

Coming back to LTY, the many online vitriol is really terrible and the manner it is written is extremely rude and unacceptable. But that itself cannot take away the validity of the content of these on line comments. 

If you are affected time and time again by the break down of the trains, repeated delays and the crazily crowded buses day in and day out, will you not be angry with the situation as your life and quality of life is impacted negatively? It is just like the car you drive that fails to start up often when you need to go somewhere or the gear that fails to engage when you need to. How would you feel?

LTY may be a victim of the circumstances that is not of his making but it is certainly the creation of the PAP government as a whole since the early 2000s and of which GCT and LHL have a lot to be responsible for. 

The sunshine immigration policy is really the root cause of all the transport problems in Singapore. As the sitting Prime Minister had said, the government is a collective body and not made up of an individual, then why is the relevant governmental ministers not stepping down too, including the past prime minister who still refuses to vacate his parliamentary seat, so as to take collective responsibility for the many problems (besides transport) that had arisen over the years? 

This question begs for an answer. If we do not resolve the ever increasing foreign contingent of workers who later turn PR and new citizens, the many problems we have in Singapore will never be resolved. Singapore should have at least achieved a zero foreign worker population growth since 2011 and not slower growth. 

We have yet to learn our lesson and is still in denial mode with regards to the root causes of many multi faceted problems this nation faces presently."

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