Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A misleading advertisement

The company you headed previously is now mis-leading the public that it can give a return of more than 5% for their endowment and whole life by using the past returns WHICH A VERY LARGE PART OF IT IS DURING YOUR TIME,i.e,. BEFORE THE BONUS CUT AND LOW EXPENSE PERIOD.

Although the advert caries a tiny microscopic disclaimer it does not absolve the company of the intention to mislead the public that their products will return such rates of return. Did you know over the last 5 years their average return is about 5%, the lowest of the industry. Strange, right? for a cooperative.

The cooperative value is now lacking and the only 'cooperative principle'still existing is both the company and the agents are cooperating to mislead the customers.MAS should investigate and stop this unethical practice.

I remember MAS requires disclaimers to be in certain font size so that old folks without reading glasses can still see and definitely not the microscopic size. MAS, do your job.

I hope that the new management and the board of directors is aware of your observation.

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Anonymous said...

Their advertisement used to brag and scream that "Honesty is the best policy".. We all do agree that Honesty is the best policy misleading the public and misrepresentation honest?

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