Sunday, September 20, 2015

Harm caused by National Service

Raymond Khoo said:
We have done our NS and know how it has caused disadvantage to Singaporean men in the work place. I would not want this to be inflicted onto others.
- we lose our precious youth during active service
- we lose our competitive edge when we are young
- we lose momentum at work place when get called up
- we get bypassed for promotion due to disruption by service call up

But ... we see Jobs for foreigners, NS for Singaporeans.

I agree with your views, totally. I have observed this for 3 decades. Only, the people in power refuse to see it. And the selfish people, who are not affected or have done their stint,  refuse to see the harm that it is causing to our young people.

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Anonymous said...

How to argue with them when they keep playing the national defence card?

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