Saturday, September 26, 2015

Problem faced by elderly people

Comment from someone unknown.
I have fed back repeatedly to the banks about these problems of locking out the real owners in the name of security.
The real problem is that the CEOs left the IT security to young, fast & furious IT staff who has no ideas about the problems a fast aging populace faces. Ironically, it is this silver generation that will make the most valuable clientele to any bank as they are the ones with most investible savings & least likely to default payments.
In short, this group of silver clients should be the banks most desired customers & they are letting their fast & furious IT brigade chase them away with their two factor authentication, password within passwords with alphanumeric with capital letters & all those complicated requirements that are a real challenge to our diminishing eyesight, foggy memories, less dexterous fingers , sigh, they are driving their most valuable customers to an early grave, or if we choose to save our lives, then we can drive the banks instead to their well

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