Friday, September 25, 2015

What's Wrong #1 - Transit Link

I reported a loss of my Senior Citizen card at the Transit Link website and paid $13 for a replacement card. Payment was made by my credit card.

A few hours later, I found the card. I sent an email to Transit Link to withdraw my request for a replacement card.

They replied and asked for my address to mail the refund cheque. I asked for the $13 to be added to my Transit Link card, but it was not possible.

What's Wrong
 It is costly to make a refund by cheque. You have to add the printing, mailing of the cheque and clearance of the cheque. I estimate the total cost to be more than $5.

Many organizations will make a refund by reversing the charge of $13 from the credit card, or by adding the $13 to the Transit Link card.

A few years ago, my Senior Citizen card expired and had to be replaced. They made me pay cash into the new card and sent a refund of the balance to me by refund cheque.

Transit Link must be handling a few thousand refunds every month. Why are they still making refund by cheque?

How to put it right
The management of Transit Link should recognize this inefficiency and waste and introduce a better way to make the refund.

Our MPs should bring up this issue in Parliament as it is wasteful to the economy to continue with this inefficient way of making a refund.

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