Thursday, September 24, 2015

Singaporeans have to express their views

Mr. Tan
You have been promoting the Wisdom of the Crowd website many times. Sometimes, you promote it a few times each day.
But the number of votes seem to be quite low for many issue.

IMHO, there is no point because
- Sinkies like only to complain
- They have no opinion - blame on the PAP education
- They are only interested in one issue that affect them directly, and don't care about other issues.
- They think that their views do not count, as the PAP government is deaf frog.

Do you agree?

Yes. I generally agree with your observation.
We need to put in a lot of effort and time to make a change.
We have to encourage more people to think beyond their limited interest.
This website is a good way to start.
So, I like to invite more people to put in some effort, register in this website, and cast your vote on the issues. For some issues, they already have an opinion. For other issues, they can read the reasons for and against the issue and give their vote.

Register here:

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