Thursday, September 24, 2015

Key findings from the Wisdom of the Crowd website

Look at the pie charts of all the issues presented in the Wisdom of the Crowd website.
There are two issues that get almost 100% of the votes, i.e. all the people are fully in support.

1) We want full time MPs

2) We want a more diverse Parliament comprising of MPs from different parties.

The non-PAP parties should take note of these two votes. If they campaign in 2020 to serve as full time MPs, they stand a good chance to be elected, compared to a MP in white who sleeps in Parliament and hardly attend Parliament.

The PAP is likely to command the majority in Parliament for the next one or two elections. If they lose the majority one day, they will still lead the coalition government.

There is no need for voters to fear about a fall in the PAP government. If this "once in 50 year event" or "black swan" event should appear, and the PAP is not the government, the coalition government can find the best persons in Singapore to be the ministers. This could even be better than the PAP government. (But this is a black swan event).

In 2020, voters should vote for a full time MP and a diverse Parliament.

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