Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rejected insurance claim - getting help

I have been approached for consultancy on several cases of insurance claims that were rejected by the insurance company. The rejection was made on some weak grounds, such as the alleged non-disclosure of existing medical condition. In some cases, the policyholder was not aware about the medical condition. In some cases, the insurance agent did a sloppy job in helping the policyholder to complete the application form or the upgrading form.

If you have experienced such a rejection and wish to consult me, you can register here and provide the details in a PDF form. I will review your case without charge.

If I take on the case, I will do the following:

a) Assist you to prepare a full report of the claim, giving argument that the rejection was unfair to the policyholder
b) You can submit the report to the insurance company for a review.
c) If the insurance company still reject the claim, I will assist you to prepare a complaint to be lodged with FiDREC (i.e Financial Industry Dispute Resolution Center).

You do not have to pay me any fee for an unsuccessful claim. If  are successful in getting partial or full payment of the  claim, you will have to donate 10% of the claim amount to the Financial Services Consumer Association.

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