Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review your existing insurance policy

If you have bought a life insurance policy many years ago and now wish to review the need to continue the insurance policy, you can contact me for consultation. 

You will have to ask your insurance company to provide a post-sale benefit illustration for your policy. You can register here and upload the benefit illustration.

I will review the policy and talk to you about your current financial needs. I will also prepare a brief report showing the key aspects of the policy that will assist you to make a decision.

If you wish me to review several policies, you have to merge them into one PDF (using an online PDF merging service) and upload them here.


Anonymous said...

It is timely that Mr. Tan is providing the public a reveiw service for insurance policies because there are many out there who got unsuitable and some even conned into rubbish buying products. It is better to know early to cut small losses than to lose a lot more in the future.
Pay a nominal fee for this service than to lose hundreds of thousands in the future.
For some maybe can even sue the agents or the company for the rotten advice recieved or maybe even report to MAS for misconduct.Many in the industry are only salesmen and women and no way qualified as financial consultants or planners. These salesmen have to be weeded out for they don't add values and worse plunder their customers of their hard earned money.
It is little price to pay but great saving in the end. Use Mr. Tan's service.

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible when a insurance product bought by consumers is rotten?
Is it
1.The financial product salesman also known by other names insurance agents, financial consultant , planners, life planner or death planners no difference they are all salesmen.
2. the product manufacturers also know as insurance companies, the banks etc.
3. or the consumers because they are dumb and stupid smart alec to be conned into buying the rotten insurance products.
Which one? or all of them?
Here is an article by a the link to read

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