Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review your insurance policy

Someone posted this comment:
If the public is not sure what insurance to have or wonder if the insurance they bought is the right one, they should seek review early before the damage is out of control.
Paying or donating $150 to FISCA is minuscule a sum to pay when the benefits of not losing tens of thousand dollars to a rotten insurance product or being conned by insurance conmen and women, right?
Is it a surprise to hear consumers have not heard of term insurance or have not heard of the DPI site www.comparefirst.sg or have heard they need not pay commission to insurance agents to buy insurance? You see , the insurance agents do not want you to know what is good for you but what is good for their pockets.
If there is this review service from FISCA the public should take advantage of it and avoid losing tens of thousands dollar for rubbish insurance products and dishonest and incompetent insurance salesmen and women.
To consult me or FISCA, register here:


Anonymous said...

Yes, if for a small fee you can save thousands $$$ in rotten insurance products it is worth the value. Are you consumers aware that you are over paying the insurance agents for no advice or rubbish advice? Are you aware you are paying over 150% of the premium to the insurance agents? Are you shocked that this commission eats heavily into the return of the products and the break even takes a very long time?
And if you buy term and invest the rest the break even can be only in a few days and not 25 years as in insurance wholelife ? Endowment is shorter but it is also in many years time.
Are you aware ? If you are not it is worth paying a small sum to get unbiased and objective advice from FISCA and Mr. Tan.

Anonymous said...

For consumers who are being persuaded to buy endowment here is a 3 year retail bond offered by Perennial which yields 4.65%pa. For similar tenor those endowments out there cannot match this bond; most of them give only 1.9% subject to a lock in risk. Minimum investment for this bond is only $2000.

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