Friday, October 23, 2015

Is it a bad decision to locate the HSR station in Jurong East?

I found it rather strange that PM Lee agreed to have the HIgh Speed Rail go all the way to Jurong East.

We spent 20 years "negotiating" with the Malaysian government to locate the KTM railway in Woodlands, instead of Keppel Road. The idea was that it will free up the land taken up by the rail, so that the land can be used for other purpose.

It seems to be a logical step for the HSR to terminate in Woodlands or Kranji. We do have a good network of MRT stations that can connect to these stations.

Why did PM Lee insist on Jurong East? He should have brought this matter for public discussion, rather than decide on his own with PM Najib of Malaysia. I think the Malaysian government are not in favor of Jurong East anyway.

It seemed to be a bad decision. The people of both countries would like to understand the rationale for this decision.


Anonymous said...

I fully agreed with you.

The HSR should End/Start from Woodlands, the northern tip of Singapore.

With our tpt network, travelling to Jurong and Woodlands is the same. But the HSR bldg cost will be very much lower if in Woodlands.

Why Jurong?

simple said...

The HSR will not be able to be run at its optimum high speed in the JB-Jurong sector. See my letter for more details at

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